iPath datasets

This page contains various data dumps from iPath databases, which should give you better understanding of how various data is projected onto the maps. If you notice differences in how your data maps to different iPath versions, check the files below for possible clues, or contact us.

Data dump fileiPath versionDescription
cog_from_string7_to_ko20080319_filtered_005.txt.gzv 1mapping of COGs to KOs
ko20080403.gzv 1annotation for KOs used in iPath 1
module_20071108.gzv 1annotation for KEGG modules used in iPath 1
COG.mappings.v7.1.txt.gzv 1mapping of STRING proteins to COGs used in iPath 1
og2ko_filtered005.txt.gzv 2mapping of COGs to KOs
ko20101128.gzv 2annotation for KOs used in iPath 2
module_20101013.gzv 2annotation for KEGG modules used in iPath 2
COG.mappings.v8.1.txt.gzv 2mapping of STRING proteins to COGs used in iPath 2

Direct access

If you wish to submit mapping data and other parameters directly to iPath2 from your own scripts or another web server, please use our direct access script.

Identifier validator

Use this form to check our database for presence of any number of identifiers. This can be useful when you have a very large number of IDs in your selection, which can cause problems/crashes with our interactive viewer. Put your identifiers into a plain text file, one identifier per line. After processing, this script will return a list of matches in iPath's database, and you can limit your selection to these IDs only.

Input file:

Element selection generators

Use the tools below to convert your data into iPath element selections. Clicking 'Generate element selection' will create a plain text file, which you can paste or upload into iPath's map customization box. Please contact us if you need help using the tools below, or if you have ideas for other useful data parsers/converters which we could implement.

Element selection based on ID overlap

This tool will simply compare two sets of identifiers (which should be supported by iPath, see Supported data types in the help pages) and assign colors/widths specified below.

ID list 1

ID list 2

Color and width selection:

IDs in list 1 only: Width: px
IDs in list 2 only: Width: px
Shared IDs: Width: px

Element selection based on numeric data

Use this form to calculate an iPath element selection based on numeric data. Your file should have one identifier per line (which should be supported by iPath, see Supported data types in the help pages), and its corresponding numeric value separated with the field separator selected below. Select the desired calculation type and set the customization parameters.

Input file:please use plain text files only
Field separator:Space Tab Commamake sure the correct delimiter is selected
Customization parameter:Color Width Opacitywhich paramater of the map elements will be customized