iPath: Interactive Pathways Explorer
Use this form to map your data and generate a custom representation of the metabolic pathways map. You can customize the color and transparency of all edges and nodes in the map. In addition, edge width can be changed. Click the help icon below for a detailed explanation of required parameters.

Select elements to highlight

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Default opacity: used for the non-selected parts of the map; between 0 and 1
Default width: used for the non-selected parts of the map; default value is 3
Species filter: only pathways present in this NCBI tax ID will be included. Check the taxonomy restricted maps page for valid IDs.
Keep original colors: if checked, non-selected parts of the map will not change to gray
Select whole pathways: when selecting using compounds or proteins, complete pathways will be highlighted
Query reaction compounds: include all reaction compounds when querying?
Set background color: White
you can change the map background here
Exported map format: DPI select the desired format and DPI for the exported map