Welcome to the Interactive Pathways Explorer v2

This is a legacy version of iPath which is not updated or maintained anymore. Please visit https://pathways.embl.de to access the latest version.

interactive Pathways Explorer (iPath) is a web-based tool for the visualization, analysis and customization of the various pathways maps. Current version provides three different global overview maps:

In addition to the KEGG based overview maps, iPath is used for visualization of various species specific, manually created pathway maps. At the moment, only Mycoplasma pneumoniae and a beta version of Mycobacterium tuberculosis maps are publicly available.

iPath provides extensive map customization and data mapping capablities. Colors, width and opacity of any map element can be customized using various types of data (for example KEGG KOs, COGs or enzyme EC numbers). Our help pages provide the full list of supported data types and required formats. All maps in iPath can be easily converted to various bitmap and vector graphical formats for easy inclusion is your documents or further processing.

If you find iPath useful in your work, you can cite

Select the desired version by clicking the map icons below:

iPath v2: the main interface

The default version of iPath comes with 3 overview pathways maps based on KEGG data:

  • Metabolic pathways
  • Regulatory pathways
  • Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites

iPath v1: original version

This is the initial interactive Pathways Explorer version, which contains only the original version of the metabolic pathways overview map.

iMyco: Mycoplasma pneumoniae map

Hand curated map showing an overview of M. pneumoniae metabolism. Currently still using the iPath version 1 interactive interface.

iTuby: Mycobacterium tuberculosis map

Currently under development, an early preview version is available for testing purposes.